Julian Window II Giclee on Canvas Limited Edition Artist's Proof by McCormick 35"W x 47"H

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Julian Window II is a limited edition artist proof giclee on canvas by Harry McCormick.  It is approximately 35"W x 47"H framed.

Artist Harry McCormick is a painter of interiors of bars, taverns, elegant rooms. restaurants, antique furnishings, and beautiful women; Romantic Realism would describe the feeling of his work.  His new subject material is parks - people in them, hot dog stands, sketch artists, and people walking dogs.  Harry McCormick was born in Bayonne New Jersey and currently lives in Boca Raton Florida with his wife and son.  

Harry likes to paint bars because of his fascination with their subtle lighting and his long time interest in antiques.  He says there was not room in his New York studio to collect antiques, so he began painting them years ago.  When Harry was asked why his work had taken on a new more brilliant pallet of color, Harry explained simply that he married Miyuki!  Harry's wife Miyuki is a talented floral designer who emigrated from Japan.  Harry, his wife and son Sean live in Boca Raton, Florida.

In an equally demonstrable change of artistic paths, the artist moved away from the invisible human presence of past to paintings replete with women and men - young and old. 

Harry seems oblivious of his international recognition.  He describes himself as a fellow who simply paints what he sees in bars.  He is quick to point out that his father was a painter before him.  His father worked for Shell Oil and painted their signs.  At first the comparison is rather startling.  However, after spending time with Harry, one understands the connection between the realism of father and son.