Lady Gaga 3D Lenticular Art by Ariel Corridor 28"W x 28"H

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Lenticular art is created using a special printing process that creates an illusion of depth and or movement.  This piece is approximately 28"W x 28"H framed.

Ariel Corridor is from the Colombian Caribbean coast, where his family has lived for over 100 years. His father, a fashion photographer by trade, taught him to appreciate the beauty of the human form, and encouraged him to pursue his artistic passion and to experiment with a variety of media. Ariel had his first local art exhibition at the age of 19. The works displayed were of figures and portrait art that he favored from his fathers photographic collection, and transposed his version onto canvas in oil.

Ariel has lived and worked in places ranging from Cali and nearby Bogota to Quito, Chicago, New York, California, Tucson and Madrid, and finally settling in Medellin, something which has given him a broad inspiration of art. At this time, he began to develop a particular style and technique that would be recognized as meticulous, without colorful exaggeration and focused on imagined representation of the human form.
Ariel currently exhibits all over Europe, South America and the US in small intimate gallery venues as a boutique artist under his signature name of Ariel. In recent years he has been represented in major art shows in New York, and L.A.