Plenitude Seminare Giclee on Canvas by Barrios 71"W x 47"H

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Plenitude Seminare is a giclee on canvas by Edgar Barrios.  It is approximately 71"W x 47"H framed. 

Edgar Barrios was born in Tacna, Perú in 1960.  He developed an interest in art that lead him to enroll in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Perú (ENBA) from which he graduated in 1990.  He explored and studied different fields of the visual arts such as craftsmanship, batik, macramé, leather embossing and ceramics painting.  In 1989 he was awarded the Honorable Mention at the Escuala Nacional de Bellas Artes.

Barrios then commenced his path through the art world.  A path in which he experimented with his knowledge of art, the techniques he had studied, and the experience that he was gaining as each stroke was being placed on the canvas of his life.  After years of exhibiting art in his natal Perú, his name became a trademark of fine art.  Years of hard work paid off with the development of a unique and vibrant style, full of emotion and overflowing with talent:  he reached the full and mature art level that characterizes his work today.  From then on, his masterpieces paved his way to international exhibitions. 

Barrios vibrant colors, and his romantic scenes, transport us to a forgotten enchanted place:  ancient Venice.  His precise use of light, bring his characters out of the canvas giving them life in an otherwordly reality. His knowledge of different kinds of craftsmanship made him the ideal portrayer of a medieval Venice rich in exuberant colors, textures and fabrics.  One look at his art and the wonderful world of Edgar Barrios will take hold of your imagination to never leave.