Water Lilies Original on Canvas by Shadian 30"W x 26"H

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Water Lilies is an original oil painting on canvas by Manor Shadian.  It is approximately 30"W x 26"H framed. 

Born in 1931, even from his childhood, Shadian showed extraordinary talent and potential to paint. At 11, he began to paint Persian miniatures, using only one or two hairs from a paintbrush. As a young man, he studied art at the Israel Academy of Fine Art under the instruction of Margulshelski, a Russian master and close friend of Marc Chagall. Afterwards, Shadian taught art to both adults and children. He quickly became one of the leading artists in Israel and traveled extensively. With numerous exhibitions and one-man shows in Europe and Scandinavia, his art received widespread acclaim and awards. 

Coming to New York in 1971, he became part of the prestigious Art Student League and expanded his knowledge in the field of sculpture. While on vacation in 1977, he became inspired by the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and chose Maui as his new home. In the 80's and 90's, he exhibited and made personal appearances at galleries in many countries around the world. 

Shadian is a versatile artist that can work in multiple media: watercolors, oil, mixed media and many other art forms. His expertise expanded as the impressionists, expressionists, post expressionists, and surrealists of the 20th century inspired him. In many of his earlier works, this inspiration has been expressed.

Over the past sixty years, Shadian has evolved into a master artist. His style is unique. His inspiration is from within his spirit, soul, and imagination. Enjoy the lively and vibrant colors in his paintings. Today his art touches on a simpler form of Expressionism. Figures and landscapes flow across his canvases. Each work of art is a personal insight into the heart of this emotional and sensitive person.